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Debbie started with The Work Company in November 2014. She had not had a real work contract for over 6 years.

Initially, Debbie was very reluctant to be involved in the CWP programme. A placement was chosen that was designed to help with her team working skills in a practical retail and cleaning role. Unfortunately, Debbie did not enjoy the experience initially, finding that the placement environment was difficult to deal with.

She attended the Work Company office to discuss the experience and see what she and her advisor could do to work together to resolve the issues that Debbie was experiencing. A new placement was agreed upon, in a new role and in a retail environment. Debbie did well on her placement and remained there for 10 weeks, gaining experience and confidence as she progressed.

However, Debbie started to feel that she wasn't being treated fairly by her manager and as a result, left the placement. Her advisor discussed the concerns and the best ways to manage the situation should it ever arise again in the future, as she did not want to put Debbie at risk of losing her benefits or a job because of a misunderstanding.

Debbie worked very closely with the team and her advisor to find a role that was local, and in which she could utilise her recently gained experience in. She was accepted for an interview in a care home after practicing interview techniques and workplace ethic reviews with her advisor.

Debbie was successful. The interviewer thought that she came across really well, and thought that her CV was great due to the upto date experience, thanks to the work placements. Debbie passed her DBS, started work and is really enjoying the job. She is highly thought of by her peers and is a real member of the team.