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Andrew was referred to Recovery Works 12 months ago, following on from accessing support to address his problems with alcohol. 

In the beginning, Andrew lacked self-esteem and was very unsure about which career path to take. To give him a sense of identity and structure, he was booked onto work-related courses in First Aid, Fire Safety and Food Safety. He was also enrolled onto the personal and social development course ‘Focus & Fly’.

As time went by, Andrew became more confident. His interpersonal skills improved and he had developed a positive self-image. This is when his Employment & Training Consultant (ETC) determined he was ready to access the peer mentoring diploma.

As he was carrying out the assignments and tasks involved, he engaged more and more with recovery support. On a number of occasions, he would support clients who were new to the service by having an informal chat with them in the drop-in area. It became apparent that Andrew had an empathetic, non-judgemental and caring disposition, and he was soon booked onto the L2 Health & Social Care course at Blackburn College - which he is still working towards.

Andrew became more and more competent as a peer mentor, and when the opportunity arose to apply for a paid role as an Asset Based Co-ordinator, his ETC encouraged him to apply and supported him with the application. As a result, he was offered an interview and was successful even though he was up against numerous other applicants. 

Speaking of the change she has seen in Andrew, his Employment & Training Consultant Claire Knighton said: “I am exceptionally proud of the progression and achievements Andrew has made and it makes me proud to have been a part of it. The transformation that I have observed whilst working with Andrew has been phenomenal”.