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On Tuesday February 7th, The Work Company Engagement Teams held a “Jobathon” at our Portland Street office.

With the help of the service managers promoting the multi-programme event customers and service users were invited to attend not only to meet the Employer Engagement Team and the Placement Officers, but also to have the opportunity to meet face to face with several of our long term employment partners from Greater Manchester.

The day turned out to be a resounding success!

  • Customers & service users from Work Programme, Working Well and Skills For Employment programmes were invited, via their advisors & learning mentors, to attend the Jobathon.
  • The SFE Placement Officers and The Employer Engagement teams were on hand throughout the day with stands promoting a multitude of job vacancies and work placements they had to offer.
  • NCS were also in attendance and their advisors were inundated with requests for information creating a very popular stand.
  • Stands were also present from Crowne Plaza, Pure Innovations, McDonalds and Taskmaster.
  • We have received great feedback from both employers and the attendees themselves with many identifying opportunities and interviews currently being arranged.
  • Our Engagement and Placement Teams are working hard on arranging appointments and interviews for the people they met on the day with many promising outcomes forecast.
  • Between 9.30am and 3pm over 200 hundred people walked through the doors and left with something positive to think about, be that an interview, a work placement or some great advice on how to move forward in to employment.

We would like to thank everyone involved and we’re looking forward to our next “Jobathon”.
Watch this space!