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Ewa Mlynska-Zajac is feeling great, after being taken on in an administrator role at the Business Growth Hub, thanks to an effective collaboration with The Work Company.

Ewa had worked in administrative roles in her native Poland, but after moving to the UK, worked mainly in retail before having her baby daughter.  When she was ready to return to work, she wanted to get back into an administrative role, but felt that she needed some current work experience to improve her job prospects.

Ewa joined the Skills for Employment programme, to try to get the skills and experience she needed to find work. MGC is the lead contractor for Skills for Employment in Greater Manchester.  The service provides personalised support to adults who are out of work to improve their skills and find sustainable employment.  Skills for Employment is delivered by The Work Company and a network of local skills and employment providers.  Each participant has a dedicated Learning Mentor who through one-to-one support helps them to:

  • Complete personalised skills training
  • Participate in motivational and confidence building activities
  • Undertake work experience
  • Find sustainable employment

Lauren Roberts, Project Manager and Co-ordinator Team Leader at BGH takes up the story: “We were told about the Skills for Employment programme in BGH, and encouraged to offer work placements.  We knew that we may have an administrator post coming up, so thought it would be good to offer a volunteer work placement.  Aaron Middlehurst, Employer Engagement Consultant at The Work Company contacted us and said he had a suitable candidate. 

“Ewa came for an informal interview and we took her on a voluntary placement.  She did about 12 hours a week for six weeks, and did very well.  At the end of her placement, we didn’t actually have a vacancy, but within a few weeks, we did, and Ewa was invited for an interview along with several other candidates.  She interviewed very well and was offered the role, which she started on 2 May.

“We feel that this has been a great example of collaboration across the group.  It’s worked well for us in BGH, as we’ve had the chance to assess Ewa over the period of her placement, and we knew that she was well capable of doing the job.  It’s a successful outcome for The Work Company, and of course it’s great news for Ewa, as she has got a job with an employer that she knows, and in an area of work that she was aiming for.”

Ewa said:  “During my work placement at the Business Growth Hub, the staff were always attentive and ready to help, which really helped me understand how to work effectively in an office environment.  I have improved my skills and knowledge, including ‘soft’ skills such as team working and communication, which are required in real-life work.  Moreover, I have increased my knowledge of the Business Growth Hub organisation and understanding the nature of work in the business support sector.

“From my perspective, the work placement has crystallized my mind about my career choice and development, confirming that I am making exactly the right choice.  All of these factors have given me preparation and motivation to apply for the full time position at Business Growth Hub as an Administrator.

“I have enjoyed my experience and I am very grateful to all the staff for giving me the opportunity to be now part of the team at the position as an Administrator.  Iamproud to be apart of MGC at the Business Growth Hub.”