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Employers Manchester

We deliver sustainable employment that benefits both individuals and employers, saving businesses time and money by linking them to talented people who can help their business grow.


We work with a huge pool of enthusiastic, talented and ‘job ready’ individuals. Working in partnership with businesses, with support and advice that is all part of the fully-funded service, we aim to match the right person with the right employer.

We also offer solutions for temporary vacancies, through our recruitment agency Aspire Recruitment.

Workforce development & skills support

We can arrange on-the-job training for staff. This can lead to a better qualified and more content workforce, which in turn can have a dramatic effect on your business’s productivity.


If you have to reduce staff numbers, we offer a range of services designed to minimise the disruption to your business and help you support your staff during the process.

“We have worked in partnership with The Growth Company since 2008. A combination of their recruitment and workforce development services have proved highly effective in meeting operational needs, reducing cost to our business and meeting our corporate objective of recruiting staff locally. To date, The Growth Company have filled over 1,000 temporary and permanent vacancies for us and have provided NVQ training to over 200 members of staff.” 

Steve Grant, Assistant Director of HR, University of Manchester