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Once you’ve found a job, we don’t stop offering you support. You’ve taken a first important step and we want to help you stay in work and start to plan for your future. So we’ll work closely with you and your employer to make this happen.

On-going support

We know that sometimes the move from benefits to work can be hard, as routines change and your responsibilities grow. But this isn’t something you have to cope with alone, and we are still there for you. You can call or email, or we can set up a meeting with you and your employer, which ever works best for you.

We can also help if health issues are preventing you from getting back to work. We work with hundreds of people who are part of the Access to Work programme, or who are already managing a specific health problem.

Earn and learn

Training while you’re working is a fantastic way to develop a real career. We can work with your employer to help you take advantage of opportunities such as an Apprenticeships or other vocational qualification, so you gain new skills and boost your prospects.

Some guidance

Once you’re in work, you have lots more options when it comes to thinking about your future, whether it’s moving forward in what you’re already doing, or looking at something completely new. Working with our partners at the National Careers Service we can help you make these choices.

Have your say

We’re always interested to hear what you think about the services and support that we offer.

Perhaps the work that we’ve done with you has really made a difference – if so, we’d love to know. Or perhaps you think we could have done things differently. Again, please tell us, because we’re constantly looking at ways in which we can improve things.