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The -work -programme

The Growth Company delivers specialist services in partnership with a range of statutory and voluntary organisations or agencies for individuals who may face the greatest challenges in entering or returning to work.

You may have an offending history, be in recovery from drug or alcohol misuse, be dealing with mental health, or family related issues, or face multiple challenges to entering work.  Our Key Workers help to build your confidence, motivation and self-esteem; work together with relevant agencies and organisations to help you to tackle the barriers to becoming more independent; and provide advice, guidance and other support  to help you access employment, training and education.

Examples of where we currently deliver Employment, Training and Education focused Key Worker services are set out below: 

Recovery Oriented Employment, Training and Education Services

We work with Drug and Alcohol treatment providers to support people in recovery from substance misuse, both in the community and in custody.  Currently our Key Workers are integrated within treatment services provided by Change, Grow, Live (CGL) recovery services in the North West, Yorkshire and The Humber

Early Intervention and Family Support Services

Our Key Workers are integrated with the Early Intervention and Prevention (EIP) and Helping Families services in Salford to provide employment-related support and advocacy.

In addition our Key Workers also delivered the DWP ESF Family Support Service for G4S in Greater Manchester and Warrington from 2011 to 2015.