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Salford Health Works


Salford Health Works is an integrated service that supports clients to make positive and lasting changes to their lifestyle. It includes:

• Health and wellbeing support
• Support to move into employment 

Who is it for?

Salford Health Works is a referral only service for Salford residents aged 18-65 that:

• Have combined lifestyle risk factors and want to make positive changes to their lifestyle
• Are interested in taking steps towards employment
• Have combined lifestyle risk factors and want to take steps towards employment

How does it work? 

We understand that poor health and wellbeing is usually linked to a range of complex issues that people face. We work with our clients to tackle these issues in a practical way, focusing on taking incremental steps that will result in an overall improvement in health and wellbeing.

We focus on supporting clients with their day to day wellbeing and lifestyle. Using proven, behavioural change techniques, we enable our clients to identify and set realistic goals. We ensure that our clients learn the skills they need to get better at self-managing their lifestyle.

Our aim, as our clients take control of their lifestyle, is to provide access to volunteering, training, skills and employment opportunities, so they can take steps towards gaining employment.

To access Salford Health Works a client needs to be referred to the programme by either their GP Practice or by the Helping Families Programme.

What support is available?

Many of our clients experience social issues which act as a barrier to them making positive changes to their lives.

The reality is that everyone’s situation is unique, so we develop a tailored plan for each of our clients that addresses their specific lifestyle challenges. We offer practical support in a range of different ways, including, but not limited to:

  • Low mood
  • Weight management
  • Smoking cessation
  • Alcohol reduction
  • Social isolation
  • Financial and benefits issues
  • Access to training, volunteering and employment opportunities

Many of our clients experience financial issues, so we offer practical guidance focusing on managing their finances and can also offer advice on benefits issues.

Find out more

If you’d like to learn more about Salford Health Works, or to arrange a call with one of our programme team to discuss a referral then please contact:

Email: Janice.Larkin@theworkcompany.co.uk
Phone: 0161 603 6847