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Kenneth specified that his dreams were to be singing in the West End. Although he was completing voluntary singing work, he needed to be in paid employment.

He had thoughts of going self-employed, but his main barrier to this was the joint claim that he had with his partner, and he was concerned how self employment would affect them both financially and he didn't really know where to start. Kenneth attended his one to one appointment, during which his advisor talked through the requirements and the setup process for self employment.

Kenneth also took part in completing a self-employment Better off Calculation, and from this, Kenneth could see what he needed to earn in order to be financially sound. His whole persona lit up with the prospect. Suddenly Kenneth was saying “I know an agent, I’ll give him a ring tonight, I’m sure once I put the word out on social media people will want to book me”.

His enthusiasm was catching, and his advisor was so pleased for him. Kenneth left the one to one on a high; though not forgetting he needed to discuss the prospect with his partner and his advisor was feeling very positive for him. The next day Kenneth walked in, sat down and said: “I’m going self-employed, I may as well do it now and if I’d have known how to get this set up I would have done it years ago!!!!”

Kenneth registered as Self Employed on 27th March.