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The Work Company has achieved its first job success in Nottingham after starting a new contract there in July. 57 year old Davood Kazemianzangani had been unemployed for two and a half years after giving up his previous job due to a heart attack.  Davood also suffered from polio as a child, which affected mobility in his arms.  He had worked as a driver for five years, and before that he had worked in electronics.

During the time he was unemployed, Davood was concerned that he wouldn’t work again because of his age and his health problems.  He was also worried that the lack of a regular income was having a drastic effect on his ability to socialise and go on holiday.

When the new contract in Nottingham began, Davood was transferred from another provider to The Work Company.  He had a series of weekly one to one job search sessions with his advisor as well as taking part in interview techniques sessions which helped to restore his confidence. 

His advisor helped him to apply for several jobs, and informed him about an upcoming jobs fair.  Davood attended the jobs fair and met several employers who had current vacancies there.  One of them was Baxterstorey, a leading independent food service specialist which employs more than 8,500 people at over 600 locations around the country. 

Following the jobs fair, Davood received a call from Baxterstorey offering him a work trial, and asking him to complete an application form for a job there.  The work trial went well and Davood was very quickly offered employment as a Vending Machine Operator. 

Davood said: “I love the job, as it’s a perfect match for my skills and background.  It includes driving, an understanding of electronics and equipment maintenance.  I’ve had a full induction, and shadowed other members of staff, and I’m now doing health and safety training.  The Work Company staff were very friendly and helpful, and the service was very good.”