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David, a 34-year old from Manchester, was referred to Working Well following a six-year period of unemployment due to depression, agoraphobia, mental health and addiction issues. His situation had been compounded by a complete family breakdown, which led to him living alone and separated from his partner and twin sons.

After joining Working Well, David quickly developed a good rapport with his Key Worker, who helped him access the targeted support he needed to overcome his barriers to finding work.

David received a package of 1-to-1 support which addressed both his mental health issues and his gap in skills. This included talking therapy and goal-setting, skills support, help with interview techniques and an induction with an employer for a temp-to-permanent post. He now engages in full conversations with his Key Worker and has successfully completed technical qualifications and licences in counterbalance and reach.

Reflecting on David’s journey, his Key Worker commented: “David has come a long way from that nervous first meeting. In the 12 months we’ve been working together, he’s been able to give up his anti-depressants, pass seven qualifications and secure full-time employment. I’m really proud of what he’s achieved.”

David commented: “Working Well has given me so much confidence and the support I needed to turn my life around. I’m now fully employed, doing a job I love as a Warehouse Worker and Forklift Operator. I’ve also been able to rebuild my relationship with my partner and twin sons. We got engaged on Mother’s Day this year and I was so proud to be able to use my first wages to buy the ring!”