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Parma, a former GP, was supported by Working Well after a painful family bereavement led to a severe breakdown, unemployment and a period of homelessness.

He was suffering with anxiety, depression and low self-esteem and believed there was no one who could help him – but the Working Well programme turned his life around.

Immediately, his Key Worker helped him access the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) he needed to address his complex emotional needs. The CBT sessions made a huge difference to Parma’s confidence, and combined with the support in developing his CV and employability, he was soon in a position where he could apply for NHS vacancies.

Throughout the recruitment process, Parma’s Key Worker provided intensive support to help him develop the resilience he needed to handle setbacks and maintain focus. Parma’s first step into employment was a volunteer placement as a receptionist, and was instrumental in helping him grow in confidence and employability. 

Thanks to the ongoing support he received, Parma was able to complete a Level 1 qualification in Business Administration and his volunteer placement with The Growth Company was so successful that he’s now been employed as a part-time Project Co-ordinator with the team. Parma is a prime example of how the Working Well programme can get the most vulnerable people back into employment.

Commenting on his new role, Parma said:  “I never thought this day would come!  After ten years of rejection and setbacks, I’m finally employed and getting acceptance - I’m very happy.

He added: “I’m really enjoying working in a professional and supportive environment where everyone has been incredibly positive. I can’t thank Working Well and The Growth Company enough for helping me regain my confidence and control of my life.”