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We are excited to announce that our RAISE contract, funded by the European Social Fund and the Education and Skills Funding Agency, has been extended until March 2019.

RAISE is a Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance programme led by The Growth Company. The programme assists young people and adults throughout Greater Manchester, providing individual guidance and support to help participants to make positive career choices and progress into work experience, education and employment.

Since January 2017, RAISE has engaged and supported 11,000 people across Greater Manchester.

RAISE has supported people from a range of backgrounds.  For example, 27% of customers have mental health difficulties, 45% have low confidence and self-esteem and 30% of people who have been helped by the approach from RAISE have a learning difficulty, disability or health problem.

The extension to March 2019 will enable a further 1,000 people across Greater Manchester to access support that will help them to identify, plan and reach future career goals.

I feel this scheme is very helpful, I was dealing with stress and anxiety after leaving my job of 21 years due to extremely bad circumstances. With the help of my raise coach, I found help and found my confidence again. I suffer from a disability which although people say it doesn't, it does have an impact on gaining employment. I now am working again, in a job that suits my life. Raise is an excellent service, that I would recommend to anyone who has the chance to use them.”  Raise Customer, The Growth Company

At St. Antony's having the additional time with our advisor has enabled us to work more closely with a number of students. It has meant that students who have little support elsewhere have had further guidance e.g. one of our students was very anxious about attending college, including concerns about how to get there etc. Our advisor is going to go with her for a trial run on public transport to ease her anxiety. This additional support would be very difficult to provide for these students and this would probably mean more NEET students. We would very much welcome any further additional support if it is available again.” St Antony’s Catholic College – Trafford Council