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For some, undertaking additional courses can be a real strain on their time. Our days are busier than ever, with work or job seeking, responsibilities, unforeseen circumstances, and of course, a getting used to a world living through a pandemic. We know that learning more will boost our CV, potentially boost our confidence and will boost our skillset but is the time investment worth it?

Today, we’re speaking with a number of professional people that have undertaken adult courses and asking how it worked for them. We’ll talk about how they juggled the workload, the real steps they took to balance their life, and how they felt once they completed the course. We asked Lynette, Victoria and Rachel about how they managed their time, how they felt upon completing the course, and what benefits they saw from undertaking courses while working.

Lynette juggled childcare when she undertook her course. With some organisation, she always made sure that she had childcare when needed and completed her coursework in short bursts during the evenings, to keep her mind sharp.

We asked Lynette to sum up how she felt about her Marketing course, and she told us:

“Completing the course made me feel amazing! I was so happy and proud of myself. I felt like the time investment was absolutely worth it. Without the qualification I gained, it’s unlikely that I’d be in my current role, which I love. I would recommend returning to study to anyone who is considering it. You are never too old to learn. I was studying because I wanted to and it was a subject I was passionate about so when I passed my qualification, I was so happy.”

Victoria took her course during a time in which her work was particularly busy and mentioned that to make her course work for her, she had a frank discussion with her manager about the time she’d need to fit this course in to her life. Her manager designated her with “protected learning time”, and she used this, along with short bursts in the evenings, to work on her course, and improve her Excel skills.

Victoria would recommend that other adults take on courses, too, she had the following to say:

“No matter the length or topic of a further learning course, I would encourage any professional to dedicate some of their time  learning as you not only benefit from the information provided in the course, but also develop soft-skills such as time-management and self-motivation.”

Rachel took her course whilst working as a self-employed marketing consultant running her own boutique marketing firm, looking after her son (aged three), while pregnant with her daughter. She admits that finding room in her schedule for a course was no small feat. She explains further:

“What was great was that the course was entirely online, with all the webinars taking place in the evening. This enabled me to work on my coursework and studies in the evening. The fact that I was self-employed also gave me a degree of flexibility with my time. Having a supportive family helped too!”

We also asked Rachel about how she felt post-course, and she felt very positively about the experience:

“I was delighted to achieve the course. At university I studied English, and I now work as a Marketing and Comms Director. I feel as if the time investment was absolutely 100% worth it. It gave me a huge sense of purpose and personal fulfilment. I’d urge anyone who wants to undertake training as an adult to just go for it.”

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