At GC we understand that some employers are struggling to fill roles within their organisation, which is where GC Justice services can help. There is an estimated 45,000 people on probation reintegrated into society in the UK however, only one in seven can find employment within the first six months of their release. For employers this pool of talent could be the solution to their recruitment challenges. Studies have shown that people on probation are more motivated, reliable and take fewer sick days than other workers.

Justice Secretary Dominic Raab described how people on probation can help ease this issue for employers, adding: “To those employers who are saying they have short-term issues; I’m saying you’ve got a captive market here and these people are probably better than you think.”

“If you’ve got shortages – and we know there are some – there is an audience there with some skills and not the wrong kind of attitude but in many cases the right kind of attitude that those employers want. There’s great added bonus to society too as well as dealing with any temporary shortages that you may have.”

Raab has pledged to a “quantum leap” in employment rates among those on probation. Currently only one in seven people can find a job within six months of release. He also described wanting to develop the services that aid people on probation entering the workforce over the next three years. “That should be the vision, certainly over the longer term…Ultimately my vision is that work is the presumption and default for all prison inmates on release”.

GC Director for Justice, Dave McDonald welcomed this move from the Justice Secretary, saying “'Many people in prison or probation have valuable work experience and the skills that employers need; and given the opportunity they prove to be excellent employees who tend to reward their employers with their loyalty.  We also know that given opportunities they are 50% less likely to reoffend if in sustainable employment.  Not only could this pool of labour fill vacancies and work kin areas where there are skill shortages, the benefits to their rehabilitation, their families and communities cannot be underestimated.”

Through the Growth Company’s Justice Services, people on probation will be provided with a safe and supportive environment to support their rehabilitation and resettlement in society.

Contact the hub to learn about a range of tailored support, including one-to-one advice, guidance, and group work, enabling individuals to move closer to getting back into employment, training, and education. The service aims to equip offenders with the right skillset needed to help them desist from reoffending and instead contribute to their local communities. 

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