March has been an exciting month down at the Leeds CFO Activity Hub, here is a summary of the activities, good news stories and events that have taken place this month.

International Women’s Day

On Tuesday 8th March, the Hub hosted a special celebration to mark International Women’s Day. Participants of all genders and backgrounds attended and joined in this group celebration honouring women. The day began with tea, coffee, and treats, followed by an afternoon of live music from a local female artist, a quiz, and a section on creative writing/crafts.

New Activities!

We have several new group activities that have started this month. These include:


Our Activity Tutor Ella has started our new Gardening activity this month in conjunction with Hollybush. Our participants spent some quality time in nature, transforming a patch of the Hub’s outdoor space. In the first few sessions, the group sketched and measured the space, conducted a soil investigation, tamed the blackberries, and began to discuss what plants they want to grow.


Our new Photography group is in full swing. Participants have been looking at photo composition techniques, understanding lighting when taking photos, post-production, and photo-editing. They also joined the Rambling group at the start pf the month and were able to apply these techniques in nature.


The Hub will soon be starting our ETE workshops in conjunction with their DWP specialist partners. Running on Mondays and Tuesdays from 1pm-3.30pm, these sessions are for anyone looking to get back into work – we can assist with job searching, CV writing, and even funding to training courses.


Our drama therapist Kayle held a taster session at the start of March in preparation for the next dramatherapy group. Dramatherapy is a form of psychological therapy where therapists are trained in both psychological and arts-specific techniques. Dramatherapy is particularly effective for those with long-term mental health challenges.

Good News – Macmillan Coffee Morning

During February, the Yorkshire CFO Activity Hub participated in a coffee morning in support of Macmillan, it was a morning filled with refreshments and delicious bakes. A grand total of £178.40 was raised for the charity.

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