This blog will summarise the exciting activities the Leeds CFO Activity Hub has on offer. We will also celebrate good news stories and update you on upcoming events.

What’s coming up?

LGBTQ+ Equality Group – Our Equality and Diversity Champion Hannah has recently set up the Hub’s LGBTQ+ Equality Group. This participant-led group will provide a support network to all those who identify as LGBTQ_, looking at ways we can improve our processes and activities here at the Hub to be as safe and inclusive as possible. Do you have a PoP who would like to be involved in this group? If so, send in a referral today!

Good News!

Gardening – With the help of TVC Hollybush, our clients have been busy transforming the outdoor space at the Hub. Over the past few weeks, they have sketched and measured the space, and have begun the planting process. They have also done a fantastic upcycling job using old pallets, creating a bench to admire the new views they’ve created.

Sports – Our Sports activity continues to be one of the most popular activities at the Hub. Each week participants have been given the opportunity to participate in different sporting activities from football and cycling to dodgeball and cricket. At the start of this month, they went to the Big Depot Climbing Centre.

Visit from the HMPPS Chief Inspector – The Chief Inspector of Probation, Justin Russell, had a tour of the Hub in February. He was impressed with all the activities that were on offer and even participated in some himself. He is pictured with some of the team above.

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