Apprenticeships have a number of benefits that are often disregarded when going through the process of deciding your career’s next step. This blog will cover some of these key benefits and how an apprenticeship will reward you later in life:

  • Earn while you learn – Learning and gaining a qualification whilst also getting paid is massively important. Even though an apprenticeship typically starts at a very basic wage, after your first year of training, 90% of apprentices are kept on by their employers, with nearly a quarter of these being promoted within 12 months of finishing.


  • Gain recognised qualifications – Once completed, your apprenticeship rewards you with a qualification that you can showcase to future employers. You can gain a: Level 2 (equivalent to 5 GCSE passes), Level 3 (equivalent to 2 A-Level passes), right the way through to Level 6 (degree level) and Level 7 (masters).


  • Gain independence – Working as an apprentice in an office setting will teach you to take responsibility for your actions, how to behave in a working environment and how to be independent in your tasks. By doing this, you will gain the respect of your colleagues and employers, thus giving you the confidence you need to carry out your role.


  • Ongoing and personalised support – When you begin your apprenticeship, you’ll be assigned an assessor who is responsible for giving you all your coursework, marking it and guiding you through the course. If at any point you have questions about the course, they’ll be able to provide you with tailored support to suit your needs.


  • Gain real work experience – Working life is a big difference to being in school/university. An apprenticeship is a good way of easing you into a working environment, whilst having the right people around you to guide you along the way.


  • Improve your employability – Not only does an apprenticeship give you the skills and experience to feel more confident in the workplace, it also makes you more employable to future companies. They’ll be able to look at your CV and see that you were able to apply yourself to a full-time job, whilst studying to complete your coursework that an apprenticeship brings with it. Dedication is seen as an important quality to employers, and they’ll value your work ethic.


  • Receive discounts – Apprentices are still classed as students - this means that you’re entitles to an NUS student discount card, giving you money off restaurants, clothing stores, insurance, gym memberships and much more.


  • Develop your skills – When you begin your apprenticeship, you will usually be given the opportunity to re-sit any GCSEs or skills training that you require to go on to the next level of your chosen career.


  • Realise your earning potential – Over the course of their career, an apprentice has increased future earning potential. Typically, if you progress on to an advanced apprenticeship and successfully complete it, you could earn around £117,000 more over your lifetime compared to those who don’t.


  • Holidays – Apprentices are entitled to a minimum of 20 days of paid holiday per year. This means that you can go on holiday and not have to worry about losing out on money. Holidays are a huge part of getting the correct work-life balance and it’s important to make time to relax in-between your hard work.

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