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The Growth Company (GC) is the Management Partner (Prime Contractor) in the North West region for the National Citizens Service (NCS) contract. 

Since contract award we have built a framework of potential partners in the North West who would like to partner with GC on NCS in the NW. This is the second release of the Framework. 

This ITT is to seek interest in two areas:

1. Those delivery partner who can deliver end to end delivery of the NCS programme in the North West (NW) and would like to be on our framework for potential growth / contingency delivery partners for summer 2020 and beyond (existing successful framework providers do not need to re-apply) 

2. Those delivery partners who would like to submit an EOI and can deliver recruitment activity in schools (particularly non-mainstream, i.e. SEN, PRU etc) and drive recruitment from non-school links

Any submitted responses will be reviewed and scored to establish a shortlist of partners. Potential suppliers will also need to satisfactorily pass a due diligence process. 

This opportunity pack contains Instructions and Information for Tendering, Specification of Requirements, Questionnaires to be completed and indicative Contract Conditions. We welcome bids for individual or multiple geographical areas. There is no limit in the number of areas you can apply for. 

Submissions must be made in the required format and be returned by 09:30 Friday 17th January 2020. Any submissions received after the specified deadline will not be accepted. This is automated on the In-Tend platform therefore you are encouraged to allow adequate time to upload your bid.  

Please do not email your response; any submissions received by email will be rejected unless agreed in advance due to any technical difficulties with the In-Tend portal.  Please ensure your responses do not exceed the specified word limits. Any content which exceeds the specified limit for a question may be disregarded in the evaluation process. The Growth Company may reject submissions where there is a failure to answer all relevant questions fully, or false or misleading information is provided. 

The Growth Company does not guarantee to call off any specific work during the term of the Framework, & a place on to the Framework is not a guarantee of any awarded contracts. 

If you have any questions about this process, please use the In-tend platform to correspond with GC. If you require further assistance in respect of the In Tend system, please contact the In-tend support team at support@in-tend.com or telephone on 0845 557 8079 / 0114 407 0065. 

We very much look forward to receiving your response and would like to thank you for your interest in working with us.