At the Growth Company, we offer a range of fully funded online training courses to help you enhance your skills, improve your job opportunities and increase your confidence. Whether you are looking to progress in your current role, have been impacted by redundancy, or you are looking for a career change, we can help.

We understand that you may not have been in any education or training for a while, which is why we provide comprehensive support for all our learners. When your study with us, you will receive the following:
  • A personal tutor who is available to support you whenever you need it
  • Comprehensive course materials and guidance
  • Easy-to-use online learning platform
  • Additional support when you have completed your course, and are looking to progress onto further study - should you wish to do so

Have you been impacted by redundancy, or placed on furlough? We're here to support you.

We can provide you with a range of advice and support which is tailored to your needs. Our friendly advisors can help you work through a range of learning programmes in order for you to upskill or retrain for another role.

You can read through our full offer and full list of available fully funded courses in these publications:

Adult Education Budget Courses Greater Manchester

Adult Education Budget Courses Liverpool


For more information, you can contact us:

AEB Greater Manchester:

Jeanne Brincat
Tel: 07774 666 978

AEB Liverpool:

Sian Hills
Tel: 07741381710

Michelle Abraham
Tel: 07741057035