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  • you’re not alone — lots of people have problems with reading, writing and numbers
  • it's not like going back to school - many adults get help with reading, writing and numbers
  • the tutors will help you and make sure you are on the right course.

Improving your reading, writing and numbers could help you to:

  • get a better job
  • go on to further study
  • help your children with their school work
  • improve your self-confidence
  • deal with money better.

Where can I do a course?

You can find reading, writing and numbers courses in further education colleges, adult education and community centres, libraries and learndirect centres. You can speak to an adviser face-to-face at a National Careers Service office or Citizens Advice.

Is there a cost?

You may be able to get your course paid for. Some people are able to get the Adult Entitlement to Learning to help them study reading, writing and numbers courses.