As of today (6th September) The Work Company is now known as The Growth Company. 

This change has been made as part of the consolidation of the wider brand of The Growth Company, to make our overall offer more coherent and transparent, and to recognise our increasing involvement in further and higher education.

The Work Company has provided crucial services for the wider group for many years and we’re keen to ensure there continues to be a strong market presence for our learners, employers and partners.

The scope and scale of The Growth Company’s activities, and the way it operates as a not-for-profit organisation is truly unique and ground-breaking, and we believe that this is an opportunity to harness that scope and capacity to further meet the needs of our customers and communities in a more integrated and holistic way.

This will take time to achieve, but we’re convinced that it’s the best way forward to achieve our ambitious vision. There’s no immediate change to the way we operate. Our services will remain personalised and responsive to real needs, and will continue to be delivered locally as well as nationally.

Over time, we intend to increase the footprint of our work to benefit communities over a wider geography. These changes do not affect any contractual relationships in any way, and there will be no immediate change to the website domain name or email addresses.

The Growth Company's director of Employment Jerry Stokes said: "This change comes at an exciting time for The Growth Company and our learners, partners and stakeholders and we're confident that the services we offer across our group will enable us to work together to enable growth, create jobs and improve lives."