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Safe Spaces, Friendly Faces and Practical Support- the Yorkshire CFO Activity Hubs give people the support they need to get back on track. CFO Activity Hubs aim to overcome some of the barriers that make it difficult for individuals to access support in areas such as education, skills development and employability. These barriers include low-level literacy; drug and alcohol abuse; fractured or poor educational experiences; motivational issues; family breakdown; intergenerational effects of offending; chaotic lifestyles; impact of offending and anti-social behaviour upon family and wider communities.

The Yorkshire CFO Activity Hub project is funded via HM Prison & Probation Service Co-financing Organisation (HMPPS CFO). HMPPS CFO is a European Social Fund resettlement support programme which delivers projects aimed at improving employability, which are seen as key to changing lives and reducing reoffending. To learn more about the work of HMPPS CFO, please visit


At the Hubs

The Hubs are a safe, open, community space where you can make a warm drink, read books, sit and speak to staff and ask for advice. We receive referrals from Probation, however, our first initial appointment, will be a casual chat to discuss support needs.

Support offered

At the Activity Hubs a range of support will be offered to you in the form of education, development of skills and the offer of practical support. A designated support worker will be provided to the participant to fulfil their CFO Activity Hub journey. A typical successful participant journey will include activities to help improve engagement, education, and employability skills.

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How to get in touch?

Yorkshire CFO Activity Hubs work with a range of referral organisations including the probation service, prison service, prison education framework (PEF) suppliers and CFO3. Probation Responsible Officers are responsible for referrals to the hubs however we can also be contacted through the channels below.

Contact us on 0114 553 5990 or get in touch with an Activity Hub near you:


Sheffield CFO Activity Hubs, Synergy Building Ground Floor, Meeting House, Campo Lane, Sheffield, S1 2EL



Leeds CFO Activity Hubs, Unit 7, Servia Hill, Leeds, LS6 2QH



York CFO Activity Hubs, The Centre Burnholme, Mossdale Avenue, York Y031 OHA



Scarborough CFO Activity Hubs, Castle House, Elders Street, Scarborough, Y011 1DZ