Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of use set out below apply to the Website owned, operated and controlled by Us, located on the World Wide Web at {https://www.gcemployment.uk/} (the "Website"). By using the Website, You are deemed to have full knowledge of the following terms and conditions and to accept them. If You do not agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions, please do not use the Website.

Alteration to the Terms and Conditions

We may, at any time change, modify, add to or remove part or all of these Terms and Conditions. You should therefore check these Terms and Conditions periodically to see if they have changed. Your continued use of this Website following any change in the Terms and Conditions will be deemed to constitute acceptance by You of those changes.


All material accessible on this Website is protected by copyright. You may view Website pages on screen and You may print or download extracts for Your own personal use or for use by others within Your organisation.

You may supply a copy of any such extract to any third party provided that:

  • the extract is for their own personal use;
  • the extract is not supplied as part of or incorporated in another work, Website or
  • publication;
  • the extract is not supplied either directly or indirectly in return for commercial gain; and the third party is made aware that the source of the copy is this Website and that these Terms and Conditions apply equally to them.
  • No part of this Website may be reproduced, transmitted to, or stored on any other Website or in any other form of electronic medium without Our express written consent.

Continuity of Service

We will use Our reasonable endeavours to provide You with a prompt and continuing service. We do not however warrant that the service We provide will continue uninterrupted or without delay or that it will remain unchanged. In particular We reserve the right to bring the Website down as and when We consider the same to be necessary or desirable for the purposes of maintenance.


In using the Website, You indemnify Us against any actions, claims, demands or other proceedings brought by any third party against Us as a consequence of Your use of the site.

Quality of Service

Whilst We will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that the information contained in the Website is correct and reliable, no warranty, either express or implied, is given as to the accuracy or completeness of that information.

Links to External Sites

The Website contains hypertext links to a number of Websites owned, operated and controlled by third parties. We have no control over or proprietary interest in any of these Websites and, as such, makes no warranties with regard to the quality, security, accuracy or any other aspect of such sites, and excludes any and all liability arising from use of the same.

Third Party Contributors

You acknowledge that many parts of the service provided on this Website are provided by third party service providers ("TSPs") and not by Us. You agree that We shall bear no responsibility to You in respect of any aspect of any third party services or contributions provided by TSP's and that Your only remedy for failure to provide such services is a remedy against the relevant TSP.

Where appropriate the provision of any third party services to You by any TSP shall be provided to You on the terms and conditions of the relevant TSP. It is Your responsibility to make yourself aware of such terms and conditions.

Acceptance by You of any services provided by an TSP may form a contract between You and the TSP directly. It is Your responsibility to check whether acceptance of such services will be construed as confirming Your total and unequivocal acceptance of the TSP's terms and conditions of service.

Acceptable Use Policy

In using the Website You are deemed to have read our Acceptable Use Policy, covered in point 1-4 below,  which contains the rules governing use of the Website The Policy forms part of these Terms and Conditions.

1. General

This Policy provides only general guidance with regard to the use of the Website by You.

2. Copyright

(a) If You place material, including software, on the Website You will automatically grant to Us the right, at no cost, to copy, adapt, edit, publish, distribute, translate and otherwise use all such material and to grant to its other customers the right to print copies of the material for their own use. Subject to this grant, You will retain all rights in the material.

(b) You may not place copyright material on the Website without the written permission of the owner of the copyright or of some person authorised by the owner to give such consent. You must, if requested to do so by Us, provide written proof of such consent.

3. Content

(a) When posting any advertisement or other commercial solicitation or material to any special interest group or site it is Your obligation to comply with all applicable laws. In particular, the advertisement or commercial solicitation must comply with all relevant legislation statutes, regulations and codes in any relevant jurisdiction.

(b) Posting private or other confidential material to any special interest group is prohibited.

(c) Impersonating another business or person or otherwise falsifying Your business or other name in any post to any group is prohibited.

(d) Any communication or posting which may be perceived or construed by Us to be harassment of a third party by e-mail is prohibited as is the use of the Website for sending computer viruses or the like.

(e) You must not publish on the Website any material which infringes the rights of any person (including, without limitation, their copyright, trademark, confidential information or other intellectual property rights) or which is, in Our sole and absolute opinion, abusive, blasphemous, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, vitriolic, discriminatory, menacing in character, illegal or deliberately inflammatory. We considers the publication of such materials and other inappropriate materials to be severe abuses of the Website

(f) You must not use the Website to perform or to solicit the performance of any illegal activity or any activity that is contrary to generally accepted convention or is intended to solicit membership or sale of any services competing with the Website

(g) We reserve the right in its sole and absolute discretion to delete any material on the Website without prior notice whether or not it violates any of the standards set out in this Policy.

4. Consequences of Ignoring the Policy

(a) If We in Our sole discretion consider that You are in breach of any of this Policy then We may take such action as We, in Our sole discretion, considers appropriate. This may include (but shall not be limited to), the editing or deletion of any material appearing on the Website or the termination of Your rights of access to any service. You will not be entitled to any credit or compensation for any loss of access to any service which results from any such action taken by Us under this Policy.

(b) You accept that We give no undertaking to You that We will take any action to ensure compliance with the Policy by any other customer and that We are entitled to take such action as We consider appropriate under the Policy or to refrain from doing so at Our absolute discretion.

(c) Whilst We do not have any obligation to monitor the Website We reserve the right to prohibit activities which in Our absolute judgement may cause harm of any kind to other customers, third parties, the Website or Us.

Your Responsibilities

You must ensure that at all times You observe these Terms and Conditions and the Acceptable Use Policy. You may, from time to time, when you are using the Website, be asked to provide or be provided with a password to enable You to access certain services. You must, at all times keep your password private and confidential and you may not permit third parties to use Your password.


While every effort is made to ensure that any enquiry You submit is dealt with promptly, We cannot guarantee that Your query will always be dealt with within the time-scale You require.

If Your enquiry is submitted to a TSP linked to the Website and operating through this Website then Our staff will not necessarily read or see Your enquiry. We cannot guarantee complete confidentiality and recommend that You do not include sensitive information, or information which could be classed as a trade secret, via the Internet.


We shall not be liable for any claims or losses which are due to circumstances beyond Our reasonable control. We shall not be liable for any claims or losses to the extent that these relate to profits, indirect or consequential losses.

This disclaimer does not affect Your statutory rights (if any) and no part of these terms and conditions seeks to avoid liability for fraud, fraudulent misrepresentation or for negligence causing personal injury or death.


These Terms and Conditions are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with English law.